AEIOU, the unofficial motto of the Habsburg dynasty, claimed that the whole world was subject to Austria (Alles Erdreich ist Österreich untertan). In 1951, an alternate motto was suggested: Austria Europae Imago, Onus, Unio: Austria is Europe's double image, burden and unification. This conference seeks to explore images of Austria on the world stage, images in Austria of that world stage, and cultural ties that reach between Austria and other cultures.
 Abstracts in any field and era of Austrian Studies will be welcomed; interdisciplinary and transnational work is strongly encouraged.

Papers addressing the work of Barbara Neuwirth or Harald Friedl within the larger theme of the conference are also of particular interest.
The designations "Austria" and "Austrian" are, moreover, intended to include cultural references in any of the languages and nations that were associated with or subject to earlier forms of the nation, including the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Ostmark.

 The conference program committee will assemble panels by culture/language, discipline, era, and problem to encourage new ways to think about a political entity that rarely behaved like a western nation-state over the millennium of its existence, and about the cultures that it fostered, either at home or abroad.

SUBMIT ABSTRACTS (in English or German) BY 15 SEPTEMBER 2011, max. 400 words, with the title counted separately, and a biography of less than 200 words suitable for an introduction

SUBMIT the abstract and biography in the body of an email sent to (NO ATTACHMENTS ACCEPTED). Full panels of three papers may be proposed; organizers reserve the right to add to these panels.