Max Kade Prize

Max Kade Prize

The Max Kade Foundation has generously funded a Max Kade Prize for Best Article in the Journal of Austrian Studies, awarded at the annual conference of the ASA. The winner of the $1500 award is identified from among the articles published in the journal that year, based on a poll of the editorial board.


Max Kade Prize Winners




Eric Benjamin Grube, “Borderland Brothers: Austrofascist Competition & Cooperation with National Socialists, 1936-1938” 

(Volume 56, Number 1, Spring 2023) | download article




Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff, „Bilder-Geschichten weiblicher Modernität: Arthur Schnitzlers Monolognovelle Fräulein Else (1924), gelesen mit Manuele Fiors Comic-Adaption (2009)“

(Volume 55, Number 2, Summer 2022) | download article




Richard “Tres” Lambert III, “‘A Film in Words’: Felix Dörmann’s Search for Cinematic Writing”

(Volume 54, Number 2, Summer 2021) | download article




Sharon Weiner, “The Beetle in Pain: Private Trauma in Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina

(Volume 53, Number 4, Winter 2020) | download article



Petra Fiero, “Transnationale Erinnerungen in Vladimir Vertlibs Stück ÜBERALL NIRGENDS lautert die Zukunft (2016)”

(Volume 51, Number 4, Winter 2018 ) | download article



Nikhil Sathe, “Just in Time: Erwin Wagenhofer’s Appropriation of the Classical Western Genre in Black Brown White (2011)”
(Volume 47, Number 4, Winter 2014 ) | download article


Gundolf Graml, “We Love Our Heimat, but We Need Foreigners: Tourism and the Reconstruction of Austria, 1945 – 55”
(Volume 46, Number 3, Fall 2013) | download article


(for the Journal years 2011 – 2012)
Kata Gellen, “The Media Myth of America: Joseph Roth’s Hiob and Tabaras
(Volume 45, Numbers 3 – 4, Winter 2012) | download article


Neil Christian Pages “What’s Hidden in Caché,”
vol. 43, #2 (2010)
Prize Announcement; download article and Award Page

Between the 2010 and 2011 volumes, the Austrian Studies Association’s journal was renamed The Journal of Austrian Studies, with continuous volume numbers from its predecessor.


Robert Lemon, “Imperial Mystique and Empiricist Mysticism: Inner Colonialism and Exoticism in Musil’s Törleß,”
vol. 42, #1 (2009)
Prize Announcement; download article and Award Page


Lorraine Markotic, “Melancholy and Lost Desire in the Work of Marlen Haushofer,”
vol. 41, # 1 (2008)
Prize Announcement; download article and Award Page


Jakob Norberg, “The Black Book: Karl Kraus’s Etiqiette”
vol. 40, #2 (2007)
Prize Announcement; download article


Daniela Strigl, “Gegen dieWand: Zu Elfriede Jelineks Lektüre von Marlen Haushofers Roman in Der Tod und das Mädchen V,,” vol. 39, #3-4 (2006)
Prize Announcement; download article


Karin Baumgartner, “Staging the German Nation”: Caroline Pichler’sHeinrich von HohenstaufenandFerdinand II,”
vol. 37, # 1-2 (2004)
Prize Announcement; download article


J. J. Long, “‘Die Teufelskunst unserer Zeit’?: Photographic Negotiations in Thomas Bernhard’sAuslöschung,”
vol. 35, # 3-4 (2002)